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Welcome, well you must be thinking what in the world is this? As you can see its a diamond and we plan on making 999 Diamond Clubber NFT's just like this with different traits and rarity to take over the...

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Well what do we have here, pretty sick eh? These almighty diamonds are uniquely produced with drip to scatter away the competition and just show everybody we mean business. Wanna cop one? well we don't have much...

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Pre-sale Mint 15th March 2022

199 Diamond Clubbers will be pre-minted by WL Diamond Club a few hours before the public mint launch, allowing the early supporters to secure their mint.

- STX Founders
Public Mint 16th March 2022

The remaining Diamond Clubbers will be minted by the public. We'll ensure the minting process is smooth by stress-testing the mint website.

- STX Founders
Add funds to community wallet, DAO Framework 20th March 2022

We want to ensure the community shares the benefits of being part of Diamond Clubbers. Portions of the funds raised will be given back to the community.

- STX Founders
Sweep the Floors 1st April 2022

The royalty of the secondary marketplace sales will be used to sweep the floor of Diamond Clubbers. All the left out Diamond Clubbers will slowly be sweeped as well.

- STX Founders
Diamond Club Lottery 10th April 2022

Every holder of Diamond Clubbers NFT will be able to participate in our Giveaways where the prize pool is 10 SOL

- STX Founders
The future... 2022

More info & events coming soon.

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Last but not the least, we got our Founders. These people are straight up awesome no doubt about that I can tell ya. We founded the Diamond STX Clubbers under one reason, "Who wouldn't like a Diamond as an NFT" It's that simple.

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